Set Up Your Domain and Hosting on Go Daddy

Okay, you’ve purchased your brand new domain name and hosting on Go Daddy.  Now you need to make your domain point to your website. This simple and commonplace task is surprisingly unintuitive in the Go Daddy user interface.  Here, I’ll show you how to do it step by step.

Log into the Go Daddy website.  Hover over the upper left tab labeled “All Products” and select “My Account”:

Go Daddy Panel 1

Click the “+” sign next to “WEB HOSTING” to expand that area.  Click the green “LAUNCH” button next to your hosting account.  (To, me this step is not obvious – I would always want to go to the domain section rather than the hosting section).

Go Daddy Panel 2

Click the icon roughly in the middle of the page labeled “Hosted Domains”.  A popup box will appear.

Go Daddy Panel 3

In the “Domain” box, enter your website’s URL.  For example, “”.  If you are only hosting one site, you can leave the Folder box as “/”.  In the future, you might want to create separate folders for each of your sites, if you host more than one.  Click the “OK” button in the lower right corner of the popup box.

Go Daddy Panel 4

You should now see your domain in the list of Domain Names.  It will take anywhere from half an hour to several hours for it to get set up (and can take up to days for all browsers in the world to see this change).  Maybe I’ve been lucky, but I usually see the change in less than an hour.  You can keep refreshing this page to see when the change is done.

That’s it!  Hope this helps!  Please leave a comment or question! – Brian

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