Reboot Your Amazon EC2 Instance from the Management Console

Here are some beginner-level instructions on how to reboot your Amazon EC2 Instance through the AWS Management Console (you can also do it through the command line, but that takes a bit of expertise to set up).

First, go to the Amazon Web Services page. If you are not logged in, click on “My Account/Console” in the upper right corner, then enter your login information:

AWS screen 1

If you are already logged in, you will see a pulldown instead of that link. Select “AWS Management Console” in that case:

Amazon EC2 reboot screen 2

Once you’ve logged in, click the EC2 icon:

Amazon EC2 reboot screen 3

This will take you to your EC2 dashboard.  Now, one very subtle and important thing to do here (especially if it is your first time using this) is to select the proper region that your Instance is in. You do that by using the pulldown in the upper right corner.  In this case, it is “Oregon”:

Amazon EC2 reboot screen 4

After you’ve selected the correct region, the main page should show “1 Running Instance” (or however many instances you have. Click the Instances menu item at the left to bring you to this page:

Amazon EC2 reboot screen 5

Click the check box corresponding to the Instance that you want to reboot.  In this case, we have only one.

Next, click on the Actions tab and select the pulldown item, “Reboot”:

Amazon EC2 reboot screen 6

Now, make extra extra sure that you don’t accidentally select Terminate or Stop.  Those options have other effects which must be dealt with if you click them (a new internal IP address will be assigned, and you’ll need to re-associate your Elastic IP address with the Instance).  Your website will be down until you fix those issues.

So, make sure you select “Reboot”, then confirm in the popup window.  Then, all you have to do is wait a few minutes for your Instance to finish rebooting.  The Instance will come up with the same disk data it had before the reboot, and you should be good to go!

Hope this was helpful! – Brian

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