Make a WordPress Post Stay at the Top of the Page

Most WordPress landing pages either contain static information or the latest posts.  But what if you want the both worlds – a landing page with a brief section on top that never changes with the latest posts below that?  In WordPress, this is called a “Sticky Post”.  It’s an option right on the posting page, but it’s not at all obvious where to find it!

Go to the administrative Posts page of the post that you want to be on top of your landing page.  On the right column, under “Publish”, you’ll see an entry that says “Visibility: Public Edit” (it might say “Private” or whatever the status of the post is).

Click “Edit” and more options will appear!  Below the word “Public”, you’ll see a check box and the words “Stick this post to the front page”.  Check this box and this post will be at the top of your posts on your landing page (as long as your landing page is set to display the latest posts – see the Settings menu for that).

Category Pages

One big note: this technique works on the front page but not individual Category pages. For that you’ll need a plugin. I use Category Sticky Post, which does what it says: allows you to have a sticky post on Category pages.

Now you can have a brief info to ease your readers into your blog instead of just shoving the latest posts at them.  To see an example of this, just go to the “Latest Posts” page on this site.  Hope this helps!

– Brian

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