Here are some cool web development sites that I find useful.

Advertising On Your Website

Google Adsense – The grandaddy of website advertising.  Place ads on your site using this.

Blogging – Blogging tips and tricks by Darren Rowse.


CSS3Gen – Cool tools to generate CSS buttons, shadows, rounded corners.
– Pretty self explanatory.  Cool stuff here!
Ultimate Gradient Generator – Great tool for generating CSS3 gradients.

Design Tools

Batch Watermark Images – Add a watermark to your images with this online tool.
Canva – Free online image editing.
– Converts .png files to .ico files to make favicons that work with IE.
GIMP – Free image editing tool for those of us who can’t afford Photoshop.
Inkscape – Free drawing tool for those of us who can’t afford Illustrator.
kuler – Adobe’s online color tool.  I use it all of the time.

Fonts and Icons

The Elegant Icon Font – Great multipurpose icons, for free!
Font Squirrel – Tons of free fonts!
500 Free Social Networking Icons – Every social network button you could possibly need for your website in one place


Free Hi-Res Images for Your Website – great list of sources of free images.
NASA Images – The U.S. government is a great source of royalty-free images!
Problogger Where to Find Free Images Online – another great list. and – free images of kittens or bears with the dimensions you specify!

Development Tools

Desktop Server – This easily sets up a local server on your computer. Although it is designed for WordPress, I use it for non-WordPress sites as well.
SourceTree – If you’re not a GIT command-line expert, this is a great client for Windows and Mac to tame GIT or Mercurial.
pingdom – Monitor your website load time using this tool.
Uptime Robot – Free monitoring for multiple sites!
XAMPP – Apache server with MySQL for Windows, Mac and Linux.


FlexSlider – (now owned by Woo Themes) is the best jQuery slider plugin. It is responsive and works on mobile.
TimeAgo – You know how when you update your status on a social networking site, it says how long ago you did it in real time?  For example, “two minutes ago”, “three days ago”, or whatever. This neat plugin transforms a time in ISO 8601 format to “time ago” format. Use the “.toISOString()” method to convert date and time to ISO 8601.
TouchWipe – Need to detect a swipe on a mobile device? This is your solution. Works on iOS and Android. Remember to set the preventDefaultEvents parameter to false if you want to be able to pinch, zoom, and scroll in the swipe area.
Reveal – Easy-to-use code to implement a popup box on your website.
WaypointsTrigger events as the user scrolls down the page. Events trigger by default when the element hits the top of the browser window, but you can set a percentage amount to trigger at different points in the browser!


PHP Mobile Detect – Yes, I do responsive design, but sometimes you have to know what kind of device you’re on for various reasons.  This is the PHP plugin I use when I have server-side code that needs to know if it’s going on a mobile device.

WordPress Themes

Cyber Chimps – High quality themes (including this site), both free and not free.
Elegant Themes – Not free, but definitely elegant WordPress themes.
New WordPress Themes – Good free themes.
Theme Forest – Lots of themes, starting at $1.  These are some of the best WordPress themes that I have seen!  Check out “Architec”, “Fashion 9”, “Wildhorn” and “Enfinity”.
Web2Feel – “Free WordPress themes that kick ass”.
Woo Themes – Not free, but worth checking out.

WordPress Starter Themes

If you design your own themes, these are my favorite “blank canvas” themes to start with.

FoundationPress – Great starter WordPress theme built on Foundation 5.
– This is a truly blank canvas that gives you a good starting point while staying out of your way.
Skeleton – If you don’t want to start from scratch, this theme will work as a blog right out of the box.

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