Globally Disable Commenting in WordPress Using This Trick


Surprisingly, I wasn’t able to find a good solution online to globally disable the ability for visitors to comment on a WordPress website. WordPress doesn’t have a checkbox called “Globally Disable All Comments”. But, a quick and easy solution exists! To be clear, I’m talking about still showing the existing comments, but not allowing any … Read more

How to Remove Taxonomy Meta Boxes from the WordPress Gutenberg Editor Sidebar

Remove WordPress meta fields from the editor

Here’s the situation: You’ve created some custom Taxonomies and custom Post Types using the Custom Post Type UI Plugin (or using PHP code). You’re using Advanced Custom Fields (or another plugin) to manage your Taxonomy settings, so you do NOT want those meta boxes to appear in the sidebar of the WordPress editor. And, you’re … Read more

Why I Avoid WordPress Multisite in Most Situations

WordPress Multisite lets you create multiple WordPress websites that all use the same set of themes and plugins. It might appear to be a great way to make maintaining multiple sites more efficient, as you can update the WordPress core, themes, and plugins once, and they are updated for all sites. But in practice, the … Read more

My Most Useful WordPress Plugins (My “Cheat Sheet”)

WordPress plugins

These are life-saving WordPress plugins that I use on many of my clients’ and my own sites.  Alright, maybe “life-saving” is a slight exaggeration, but these can definitely cure some of your worst WordPress headaches. I have tested each of these (except where noted) and vouch for their quality. I hope you find them as … Read more

Fix WordPress Ultimate Member Cover Photo Not Uploading

Ultimate Member is a very widely-used membership WordPress plugin. It works well, but I’ve come across a number of problems with the uploading of member cover photos on multisite WordPress sites. These were so maddening, I decided to write about them and provide solutions to you! So, here are some things to check if cover … Read more

Map a Separate Domain Name to a WordPress Page or Post

I had a client who wanted to map a domain name directly to a WordPress Page, and not show the WordPress URL. For example, let’s say you had a WordPress blog with this Page: But let’s say you want the URL of that post to be Of course, you could do a simple redirect, but … Read more

Style the WordPress Media Player!

Speaker cone

The WordPress 3.6 Media Player came at just the right time for me. Just a month before, Yahoo discontinued their Yahoo Player, and I was left without an audio player solution that I liked which didn’t use Flash.  Then came the WordPress 3.6 to save the day! In this version, WordPress has incorporated the MediaElement.js … Read more

Make Any WordPress Theme Responsive (Mobile-Friendly)

WordPress structure

Here is the scenario: You’ve searched high and low and found the perfect WordPress theme for yourself or your client. But, there’s one big problem: it’s not mobile-friendly. With mobile web traffic soon expected to exceed desktop web traffic, being mobile-friendly is critical. I often have to go through the exercise of converting a non … Read more

Twelve Ways to Massively Speed Up Your WordPress Site

SR71 Blackbird at the Udvar-Hazy Center

Is your WordPress site loading slowly? There is a cool tool called Pingdom which creates waterfall charts so you can see exactly what is slowing down your site when it is loading.  It’s free and easy to use. After running all of my WordPress sites through Pingdom and doing lots of experiments and research, I’ve come up with these … Read more