Where to Get Free Stock Photos, Videos, and Icons for Your Website

Photo from Pixabay

Stock photography can be expensive. And randomly grabbing licensed images from the Internet can cost you thousands of dollars if you’re found violating a copyright and threatened with legal action (this happened to someone I talked to at a Meetup). Filtered Google Search You can find free legal images through a filtered Google search, but … Read more

11 Tips to Encourage Commenting on Your Blog


Comments are a really important part of any blog. They give you important feedback about your work, and give you invaluable information about what people are looking for. I’ve gotten ideas from some of my most popular blog articles from the comments. So, it’s important to encourage comments on your blog whenever possible! Here are … Read more

The Best Commenting System for Your Website

Computer keyboard

I recently decided to do a fresh survey of the most popular commenting services out there so I could use it on my highest-volume blog.  My “must haves” as far as commenting systems are concerned were: Ability to do threaded comments (replying to comments) Support for anonymous comments (not requiring sign-in) Ability to easily subscribe … Read more

How to Prevent and Deal with Mean Comments on Your Blog


Blogging can be a very personal experience. You’re baring your soul before the world. You are vulnerable. One of the worst things is to put yourself out there and receive critical or even mean or hateful comments. I’ve been blogging for some years and overwhelmingly, the response has been positive.  But, one bad or mean … Read more

Trademark Your Website or Blog Name

One of my blogs reached a level of popularity and income where I started thinking about trademarking the name of the site. I figured that would protect it from someone trying to steal my URL by changing “.com” to “.info” or whatever. I hate legal stuff but I went ahead and did a bunch of … Read more